Serving the Westside of Los Angeles, Doggie Bliss is a highly rated and dependable dog walking and pet sitting service based in Santa Monica, CA. Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best, personalized pet care, while allowing them to be completely relaxed and worry-free. We are comprised of a very small group of professionals that have turned their passion and love for pets into a career. Each of us strive to give your pet just the right amount of affection and exercise to guarantee his or her maximum health and happiness. We understand that just like people, animals have their own unique personalities. For this reason, we treat each pet as an individual in order to better recognize their different needs and likes. We also pride ourselves on learning the expectations of each pet owner to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied with our service!

Meet Our Team

Shannon Hill:
Shannon Hill:Owner & Dog Walker
Originally from New York, Shannon has been working with animals professionally for over 15 years. She has a deep love and passion for animals, which has been with her since very young age. At five years old, when asked “what do you want to be when grow up?” Shannon quickly answered “I want to own a puppy store!” – (not knowing the moral implications of course!) Her favorite place to go as a child was a local, family-owned pet store, which she later managed for many years, while earning a double bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Women’s Studies. After moving to California to discover and follow her dreams, Shannon realized that her real dream was always right in front of her. She was destined to start a pet care business, and her years of experience in both animal care and customer service would allow her to achieve this goal with ease. In 2010, Doggie Bliss was born, and Shannon has never looked back! Shannon currently lives in West LA with her partner, Kat, two Boston Terriers, Mayson and Oliver, and two kitties, Chaplin and Samson!
Kat Clancy:
Kat Clancy:Marketer & Dog Walker
Kat is from a small town near Rochester, NY where her love for animals began!  She would go on nature hikes from the time she could walk, and owned several animals from dogs to hamsters and everything in between.  She holds a B.A. in Behavioral Studies, as well as a California State Cosmetology License.  Though she loves being a stylist, she feels happiest when she is around her fur-friends!  She has been with Doggie Bliss since it’s beginning, and feels so lucky to be surrounded by animals and like-minded dog lovers on a daily basis!  When not working for DB, Kat loves hiking, skiing, beaching and vegan cooking. She dreams of starting a dog rescue on a farm, where the dogs can live free and safe until they find their forever homes!
Tabitha Ammari:
Tabitha Ammari:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Tabitha is an animal-loving, Los Angeles native who has a special soft spot for man’s best friend. As a child, there wasn’t a dog that walked by who she wouldn’t pet, and she was a member of several animal-themed book clubs. She’s been lucky enough to have owned a lovable, soccer-playing mixed breed, named Cowboy, for seventeen years, and a strawberry-eating, long-haired, black cat, named Killer, for ten. She spends her time staying creative with writing and music-making, and staying active by playing soccer, and practicing yoga. Otherwise, you can find her happily walking the furry members of the Doggie Bliss Family!
Brendon Haberl:
Brendon Haberl:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Brendon was born and raised in St. Louis , Missouri. He relocated to LA in 2015 to reach his goal of becoming a personal trainer. Shortly after living in LA, he realized his true passion was to fulfill a career in working with dogs. Growing up, Brendon always had a dog or two in his family. In his current living situation, he is not able to own a dog of his own, so naturally, walking and caring for dogs of Doggie Bliss is the next best thing! In his spare time Brendon enjoys working out, riding his motorcycle along the coast, and just enjoying California’s sunshine.
Arjan Sudick:
Arjan Sudick:Dog
Arjan was born and raised in Whittier, California, where he would always hang out with his three best pups, Scout, Gigi, and Lola. He moved to LA when he attended USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he earned his degree in Cinematic Critical Studies. Now he can be found curating Doggie Bliss’ social media, walking dogs, and writing screenplays. Whenever he makes time to go to Whittier, he has to spend plenty of time running around with his family’s dogs. Besides photographing dogs, Arjan enjoys spending his time watching a new TV show or movie, surfing, reading, and writing. 
Alina Pritchett:
Alina Pritchett:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Alina is passionate about all animals. She grew up with dogs always at home and has enjoyed raising her own dog, Cake, from a puppy for the past 2.5 years. She’s also loved working as a professional dog sitter for the last 2 years. She is passionate about positive reinforcement dog training and constantly researching new studies on dog behavior. Her neighbors’ dogs know her well as she often arranges playdates with them and Cake. She spends her most of her free time making large scale paintings in her studio, miniature sculptures, indulging her husband’s foodie hobbies, playing video games, running, bike riding, practicing yoga, and designing new terrarium-like environments for her unique cleft-lipped hamster.
Dante Calvelli:
Dante Calvelli:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Dante is a Los Angeles native, born and raised near the waters of Venice Beach. He has been around animals since before he could walk, his first friend ever being his Golden Retriever, Mia. With a large family comes lots of pets, and Dante has always been the one to lend a helping hand for those pets when needed. After graduating college, he took a year to explore his passion for animals by working at a veterinary clinic as a veterinary technician. After discovering the medical side of pet care, he decided to go a different route, and really enjoys being able to bond with all of the doggies he walks on a regular basis. On his off time, Dante enjoys hiking, riding his bike or hitting up the beach.
Ina Kistler:
Ina Kistler:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Ina is originally from Germany, and moved to Los Angeles with her husband in 2013. She has loved animals for as long as she can remember, and had a rabbit and a bird (Stupsi and Snoopy) growing up. In 2014, she became a proud mommy to a lovely little Frenchie named Pauly. When he entered her life, her whole world changed. She loves to spend time outside with him, taking him for long walks, to the dog park, or the beach, and also to training lessons. Ina absolutely loves animals of all kinds, and is ecstatic that she has been able to turn that love into a profession. In her spare time she loves cooking, baking treats for her Frenchie, hiking, swimming and going to the gym.
Max Kerwien:
Max Kerwien:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Max is a Seattle native who has been in love with dogs since he was a kid. He has spent many hours playing with dogs, running and biking with them, and watching far too many dog videos online. He currently owns an Australian Shepherd named Astro and takes the phrase “man’s best friend” to heart. He is a big fan of small and large dogs, and considers his spirit animal to be a four-legged fuzzball. In his free time, he pursues stand-up comedy and improv, and enjoys applying his positive energy and enthusiasm to dogs and humans alike. His wildest fantasy is to live in a cabin with twelve dogs and spend his days running and frolicking with his favorite animal.
Molly Futch:
Molly Futch:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Molly is originally from Georgia, and has loved animals for as long as she can remember. Her father was a conservation officer during her childhood, so she frequently assisted with the rehabilitation of orphaned or injured wildlife such as fawns, owlets, and ducklings. She also loved her domestic pets, which ranged from a dog and cat to a cockatiel, and even a goat. Molly re-located to LA two years ago, and enjoys animals so much that she is working to complete a Biochemistry, B.S. degree in pursuit of veterinary medicine. She loves spending time in the sunshine with the sweet pups of Doggie Bliss, and in her free time you can find her practicing yoga, playing guitar, hiking, or photographing national parks.
Brian Freisinger:
Brian Freisinger:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Originally from northern New Jersey, Brian relocated to West LA a little over a year ago.  Animals have always been an essential part of his life since early childhood.  Since his parents didn’t want any pets, bringing home strays and hiding them in his room was a common occurrence.  After completing his B.S. for business management and exploring the suite side of life, he realized animals were the route for him.  His current living situation doesn’t allow pets, so he gets his fix through spending time with the Doggie Bliss pups.  A long term goal for Brian is to become a Vet and work with various rescues & non-profit organizations.  In his spare time he enjoys teaching yoga and people watching in Venice.
Nirada Phaphant:
Nirada Phaphant:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Nirada moved to California from her native NYC in 2012 to pursue her graduate studies in Chinese medicine. As a child, Nirada had a deep love for animals, and grew up with cats, turtles, fish, hamsters, and guinea pigs. She loves dogs, and hopes to have her own canine companion one day, but for now, she enjoys her time with her housemate’s half poodle/half Maltese, Optimus Prime, and her Doggie Bliss pals. She has also been blessed with the company of her long-time feline companion Ren, a black and white tuxedo cat, who loves cuddles, chasing bugs, and goes ga-ga for her favorite snack Churu. Nirada is actively engaged in her Buddhist practice helping others to become happy, and enjoys listening to music, riding her bike, exploring nature, cooking, and reading.
Andy Berrera:
Andy Berrera:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Andy is a Los Angeles native, raised in the beautiful city of Venice. He discovered his love for dogs when we was just a kid. With a not-so-easy childhood, he realized through his toughest moments that dogs are truly a man’s best friend, and that is why he really enjoys being able to bond with all of the dogs he walks on a regular basis. He currently owns two Pit Bulls, King and Misty, and also works part time for the city of LA maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our dog parks. On his off time, Andy enjoys sports, reading, photography, and graphic design.
Felicia Burkley:
Felicia Burkley:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Felicia has always had a special connection with her pets and the animals around her since she was a child. She’s an all around animal lover. Originally from Oklahoma she has grown up with many different breeds and sizes of dogs in her home and loves them all big and small. Felicia moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. With no dogs of her own she gives her Doggie Bliss pups extra love and care. Her patience and ability to read animal behavior gives Felicia the ability to connect with her doggie buddies in a unique way. When she’s not loving on pups you can find her reading in the sun, dipping her toes in the sand or petting dogs on the street.
Jeremy Maas:
Jeremy Maas:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Originally from Chicago, Jeremy moved to Los Angeles in early 2014. He has been around animals his whole life, having had two dogs, two cats, two turtles, and a snake while growing up. He currently has no animals, but is looking forward to rescuing a Pit Bull in the near future. Before joining Doggie Bliss, Jeremy worked as a personal trainer and a pet caretaker at a doggie daycare in Hollywood. When he’s not walking dogs, he enjoys going to the gym, hitting the beach, hiking a new trail, or exploring LA.
Anna Gargioni:
Anna Gargioni:Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Anna is originally from Italy, and moved to Los Angeles 25 years ago to attend college. She graduated with a Business Administration degree, after which she worked for over 18 years in the hospitality industry. Anna grew up surrounded by German Shepherds, and was the proud mother of a Hungarian Vizsla, Nick, who sadly passed away last year at 15 years old. She has been taking care of animals for a long time, whether for friends and family or for other pet sitting companies. Her past and current clients have nothing but wonderful things to say about her, and her integrity, reliability, respect for others, and care and love for pets make her a perfect pet sitter. She is a true animal lover and if she could, she would adopt every animal that needed a home!