Mobile apps have definitely made your life better. The following apps can make your pet’s life better. These apps will help you to be a better-informed dog owner. They will help you to care for your dog in a very efficient way.

1. Pet Phone

Available on iOS, you can use Pet Phone to keep a track of the health of your dog. The app lets you keep track of medications and appointments with your dog’s vet or with the dog walker. You can sync it with the phone’s calendar to get reminders. The app also keeps information regarding your dog’s food preferences as well

2. Whistle

Available on Android and iOS, Whistle helps to keep a track of your dog’s activities. It works in-sync with the GPS device attached to the dog’s collar. Whistle lets you set boundaries. If your dog goes out of the boundary, the app will alert you. You can also use Whistle to check whether your dog is getting adequate exercise

3. iCam

Available on Android and iOS, iCam is very useful for people who have to leave their pet at home, for any reason. With the help of the camera installed in your home, you will be able to watch your dog in real time. With this app, you will be able to care for your dog even when you are away.

4. Petoxins

Available on iOS, Petoxins will let you know whether a particular plant/vegetable/fruit is harmful to your dog. It features a list of poisonous plants. You look at the list and you will be amazed how many of the common plants are harmful to your dog. The app is from ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

5. Pet First Aid

Available on Android and iOS, Pet First Aid will let you know what to do in case of emergencies. The app features detailed illustrations and videos. The instructions include how to restrain your dog, bandage your dog, give CPR, muzzle your dog, and much more.

6. Weather Puppy

Available on iOS, you can use Weather Puppy to check the weather before taking your dog outside or for a walk. Not only that, the app will show you the pictures of more than cute dogs depending on the weather and time. You also have the option to add the picture of your dog.

7. Pet Minder Pro

Available on Android, Pet Minder Pro keeps track of your dog’s activities. It will be displayed in a very easy way as well. You can keep track of information like when you fed your dog last, when was the last time you went for dog walking, and so on.

Some of these apps require an active Internet connection for some functions, like monitoring your dog in real time. There are many Wi-Fi hotspots in Los Angeles and Santa Monica that you can use.