Ted: The “Good Dog”

When I go to walk Ted, I get excited. I can’t wait to see him. I think that I am more excited to see Ted than he is to see me. It’s hard not to get amped up though. To put it plainly, Ted is a “good dog.”
That may not seem like glowing praise, but I stand by my […]

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Wags & Walks Yard Sale!

Please help support our rescue partner, Wags & Walks! They will be holding a yard sale on January 28th, 2017 from 7 AM – 3 PM.  All proceeds to will benefit Wags & Walks and saving more doggies!

Location: 2616 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

A House for Mouse

Mouse is a small little thing with wiry hair. It can be said that she isn’t the most attractive dog around. In fact, one could say she is a little ugly.

This may seem a harsh thing, but even Brooke, Mouse’s owner, believes this:

“Rule of thumb: Pick the ugliest one you can. They have the largest heart and bring you […]

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More Than a Pretty Poodle

I’ve never been jealous of a poodle. Or a dog for that matter. To be honest, I tended to not like poodles because of the way they looked: most often prim, proper, and pretty. “Not like” is maybe too strong of a phrase, but if I had to choose between a cute poodle and a smiley lab, I’d choose […]

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Patience with Pups

Some dogs you meet, and you’ll never find anyone happier to see you. Tails are wagging. Barks and yips accompanying non-stop kisses. You know this pooch is excited to see you and that you’re going to have a great walk together.

When I met Zeke, I thought this was the case. He came to the door and his tail was […]

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Walking On a “Sonny” Day

Everyone loves the story of rescue dogs. They’re the definition of underdogs. Most often oppressed and abused before being saved by a wonderful organization. For non-dog owners, these saved pooches’ new lives can sometimes be characterized by their owners mentioning that “She’s a rescue.” If you have never been around a rescue, this can be taken as something that’s […]

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Pet Groomer: Things to Consider When Choosing One

Your pet needs as much grooming care as a human and that’s a task that you, unfortunately, may not be able to handle all by yourself. That’s why hiring a professional pet groomer is something you should consider. However, choosing a pet groomer isn’t a small responsibility. The last thing you want to do is just pick up the […]

Seven Essential Mobile Apps for Dog Owners

Mobile apps have definitely made your life better. The following apps can make your pet’s life better. These apps will help you to be a better-informed dog owner. They will help you to care for your dog in a very efficient way.

1. Pet Phone

Available on iOS, you can use Pet Phone to keep a track of the health of […]

Three Hiking Trails in LA Where Your Dog Can Accompany You

Los Angeles has hundreds of hiking trails, that serve as the perfect setting to workout and appreciate the scenic outdoors. Today, we take a look at some of LA’s dog-friendly hiking trails.

Runyon Canyon Loop

The Runyon Canyon Loop is a star-studded hiking trail, that has seen the likes of Ryan Gosling, Charlize Theron, and Orlando Bloom, with their pets of […]

Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer is definitely a time of fun in the sun with our dogs — but it’s a time when there are doggie dangers to be aware of as well. Today we wanted to share this important infographic from ASPCA regarding dangers your dog faces during these summer months including:

Fireworks & Thunderstorms: Loud noises like fireworks are one of the top […]